The Elusive List of the Best Restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala

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Let’s discover the best restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala!

Antigua, Guatemala holds a special place in my heart for several reasons.

1. It’s one of the few places I’ve called home. In the last 5 years, there are only two cities where I stayed long enough to consider them home: Antigua, Guatemala, and Berlin, Germany

2. It’s a city I keep re-visiting. I first visited Antigua in 2015 to study Spanish and have returned on four different occasions, making it one of my favorite places to share with others. I even convinced my parents, who don’t travel, to visit me in Antigua.

3. There is a food scene! One of the best things to do in Antigua, Guatemala is to indulge in the restaurant scene. Food in Antigua, Guatemala is unique because you can find all different types of international cuisines like Japanese, Indian, French, etc., which you can’t find in other places in Central America.

After multiple trips, living in Antigua, Guatemala for two months, and acting as a local tour guide to my parents & friends, I tried out a lot of the restaurants in this charming, colonial city. Therefore, I created a list of the:

 Best Restaurants Antigua Guatemala 

 or restaurantes en Antigua, Guatemala. (I have to make my Spanish teacher proud)

to highlight my favorite spots. I have been to each of these restaurants several times, so I know that they consistently deliver appetizing dishes. I’ve included both well-known and less popular places.

The essential criteria to be included in this list are:

  • Quality of Food – the food must make me happy with each bite
  • Value – the best bang for your buck, and
  • Overall Experience – is there something unique or fun, that makes this restaurant worth visiting.

I’ve separated the restaurants into two groups. The first group is more expensive restaurants, with not only tasty food but also a beautiful ambiance. The “more expensive” restaurants are still affordable, especially when compared to prices in the USA. In general, Antigua is more costly than the rest of Guatemala. However, if you are very budget-conscious, then skip to the group of cheap restaurants. To clarify, all the restaurants on this list are good, so even if you have all the money in the world, I’d still recommend the restaurants in the budget-friendly section.


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The Best Restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala 

 FERMENTOOverall Best Restaurant

Antigua, Guatemala

fermento_best restaurant in antigua

Quick Stats

  • PRICE: average cost of meal $10
  • FOOD

Must-Try Dish: Butternut Squash Ravioli

Best Restaurant Antigua Guatemala

I am starting this list with the overall best restaurant in Antigua, Guatemala. Fermento is my favorite restaurant because it has high-quality food, a decent price tag and, the chef-owner, Hector Castro, is experienced and personable. I first visited Fermento when it opened, and when I returned to the restaurant a year later, Hector recognized me and greeted me by my name. I was in shock of his memory, but it showed that Hector appreciates each customer and that the restaurant offers fantastic service.

Hector sold his first restaurant in Antigua, called Hector’s Bistro, and opened up Fermento in 2019. (I visited Hector’s Bistro as well and thought the food was good, but not worth the price tag). Fermento might not be on everyone’s radar yet, but it is a must-visit. Fermento has the best food in Antigua, Guatemala, yet it is not the most expensive. It also has a 4.9 rating on Google reviews!

Fermento is one of the more romantic restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala. For a date night, I recommend ordering one appetizer, two main courses, and a dessert and share it all. All the menu items are delicious, so try to taste as many as possible.

What perks make Fermento one of the best restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala? 

  • Great wine selection to complement your meal
  • Open kitchen so that you can watch the chef at work
  • Offers brunch
  • Best dinner in Antigua, Guatemala. Order an appetizer, main course, and dessert to experience the full range of the restaurant.

POR QUÉ NO? CAFEBest Experience

“The Biggest Small Restaurant Experience”

porqueno antigua

Quick Stats

  • PRICE: average cost of meal $7 36% 36%
  • AMBIANCE 100% 100%
  • FOOD 90% 90%

Must-Try Dish: Grilled Eggplant

Por Qué No is one of the best places to eat in Antigua, Guatemala, because of its unique space, excellent service, and quirky atmosphere. I’ve never been to a restaurant that has a set up like Por Qué No. This tiny restaurant has two levels, yet can only fit 20 people. To get upstairs, you have to walk up with the support of a rope. I’m surprised how the owners were able to make such a small space work as a restaurant.

Don’t be put off if you have to wait for a table since the service is quick. Instead, grab a drink at the bar while you wait to be seated. Por Qué No allows you to use markers to write on the walls, so get creative and leave your mark. The food is delicious, especially for the price, but the reason this place is special is that it is a one of a kind, refreshing experience.

What perks make Por Qué No one of the best restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala? 

  • An artsy space, where you can draw on the walls, tables, chairs, or anything you can find.  
  • Unique set up – no other restaurant is like Por Qué No. 
  • Food is made with love.
  • Great for vegetarians. 

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 CAOBA FARMS Freshest Ingredients

Literally from the farm to the table

caoba farms antigua guatemala

Quick Stats

  • PRICE: avg cost of meal $12 60% 60%
  • AMBIANCE 100% 100%
  • FOOD 99% 99%

Must-Try Dish: Whatever the special of the day is!

Caoba farms has a lot to offer with yoga classes, a farmers market, butterfly houses, and, most importantly for this list, a farm to table restaurant. I love eating at Caoba because the ingredients taste incredibly fresh, and the menu changes depending on the season and what’s available on the farm. I will never forget the teriyaki lamb bowl I ate! I’m drooling thinking about it, and if you are lucky enough to see this special on the menu, then order it!

Not only does Caoba have great food, but they also have a mission I support. Caoba’s goal is to promote sustainable agriculture and provide communities with local and organic food. Caobo delivers fresh produce to some restaurants through Antigua and Guatemala. It’s important to note that Caoba farms is only open for lunch. 

What perks make Caoba Farms one of the best restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala? 

  • Menu changes so there’s always something new to try
  • Food is fresh from the farm
  • A beautiful setting like a garden jungle
  • Lots of other activities to get involved with

 FRIDAS Best Tacos

Antigua Guatemala

fridas antigua guatemala

Quick Stats

  • PRICE: avg cost of meal $12 60% 60%
  • AMBIANCE 93% 93%
  • FOOD 95% 95%

Must-Try Dish: Mezcal shots and shrimp tacos

Fridas is a well-known small franchise and is a favorite weekend spot, amongst the locals from Guatemala City. Initially, I only went to Fridas because my hostel, Somos, provided me with 10% off coupon. Fridas surprised me, and the food there was better than expected. The tacos are B-O-M-B.

The atmosphere is fun and active, and depending on the night, you can catch live music. I’d recommend going on taco Tuesday or during happy hour. The happy hour serves 2×1 cocktails, which are very tasty. Try any of the mezcal drinks, if you want to guarantee happiness. Or if you are a bit adventurous, order a mezcal shot because it is served with crispy crickets as a chaser.

Frida’s has a higher price than other restaurants on this list, but there are nightly specials, or maybe your hotel offers a discount. 

What perks make Fridas one of the best restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala? 

  • Social vibe on weekends – you can come to eat, but then stay and hang out
  • Daily special deals, like Taco Tuesday
  • Yummy cocktails
  • Tacos! Tacos! Tacos!

 ANGIE ANGIE Best Pizzas

Especially when there are 2×1 specials

angie angie antigua guatemala

Quick Stats

  • PRICE: Avg cost of a pizza $14 71% 71%
  • AMBIANCE 90% 90%
  • FOOD 90% 90%

Must-Try Dish: Any pizza

Pizza is the item to order at Angie Angies. I must admit, I’ve never had a meal at Angie Angie’s,  since I always eat the pizza for takeaway. I still know that they have a lovely backyard garden and a fun atmosphere. I’d recommend dining in, to enjoy the outdoor fire and live music (on certain nights). If you’d rather stay at home, then Angie Angie’s is perfect for takeaway, especially on Sunday’s when there’s a 2×1 pizza combo. 

Angie Angie pizzas all have rave reviews, with its thin crust, and variety of toppings. There are mixed reviews on the pasta dishes, so to be on the safe side, order the pizza! 

What perks make Angie Angie one of the best restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala? 

  • Fun Atmosphere with a beautiful backyard
  • Sunday 2 for 1 Pizza Special 


Dining in the clouds

hobbitenango antigua guatemala

Quick Stats

  • PRICE: avg price of meal $10 52% 52%
  • AMBIANCE 100% 100%
  • FOOD 77% 77%

Must-Try Dish: Nachos

Did you know there was a hobbit town in Antigua? The main reason Hobbitenango is one of the best restaurants in Antigua is because of the spectacular view. Hobbitenango is situated up in the hills, and it’s worth the trek to get there. It’s awe-inspiring to be up in the clouds and see the volcanoes. Hobbitenango is a magical place, and it is much more than a restaurant; it is a whole experience. You can even spend the night in one of the hobbit rooms. This place is Instagram-worthy, so come ready with a  camera.

It’s easy to spend a whole afternoon in Hobbitenango after having lunch. The food here is good, but that is not the main draw to visit.  Hobbitenango is revamping their restaurant in 2020, so expect some new yummy treats in the future.

What perks make Hobbitenango one of the best restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala? 

  • Instagram-worthy
  • Eating in the clouds
  • A whole experience – come for lunch, but stay for a full afternoon to explore the grounds

 VICE PIZZA Most Creative Dishes

vice antigua guatemala

Quick Stats

  • PRICE: avg for a gourmet pizza $16 81% 81%
  • AMBIANCE 93% 93%
  • FOOD 92% 92%

Must-Try Dish: La Tipica Pizza (I prefer the cauliflower version)

Look at the picture – it’s mac & cheese on a pizza! Although Vice is on the pricier side, the menu boasts different types of loaded pizzas with unique toppings,  which is why I included it as one of the best restaurants in Antigua.  On their pizzas, you can find breaded cauliflower, boneless wings, french fries, and more. The pizzas are a good size to share between two people.

Vice is one of the best rooftop restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala, with decorations that give it a hip vibe.  The restaurant is connected to the only nightclub in Antigua, Las Vibras. After indulging in dinner and drinks, go and hit the dance floor in Las Vibras.

What perks make Vice one of the best restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala? 

  • Social vibe and you can dance afterward
  • One-of-a-kind gourmet pizzas
  • Vegetarian friendly

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On a budget?

Best Cheap Restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala

If money is a big factor, do not fret, because some of the top restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala are budget-friendly. All the restaurants in this section are perfect places for backpackers to eat, yet foodies will also like them. I recommend these places if you don’t care about the ambiance, and want to eat a quick, delicious, and cheap meal.

TOKO BARU  Best Cheap Restaurant

Indonesian meets Middle Eastern Food

toko baru antigua guatemala

Quick Stats

  • PRICE: avg cost of meal $5 26% 26%
  • AMBIANCE 10% 10%
  • FOOD 94% 94%

Must-Try Dish: Pork Tika Lomo

This little nook, cash-only restaurant is a hidden gem. This restaurant is my favorite cheap food option in Antigua because of the variety of the menu, and deliciousness of the food. Although the menu appears random, I’m not complaining that I can choose between an Indian, Indonesian, or Middle Eastern Dish. There’s even a fish and chip special on certain days! This restaurant has huge portions and is an excellent option for vegetarians.

You can choose to have your main meal with rice, pita bread, or with a tortilla. I love the pita bread option because it makes for one of the best sandwiches in Antigua, Guatemala. The different sauces that come with your meal are one of my favorite things about Toko Baru. Each sauce is quite different, yet they all complement the main dish.

What perks make Rincon Tipico one of the best restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala? 

  • Diverse menu options
  • Big portions
  • The best sauces  – one sweet, one creamy, and one with some spice


A Guatemalan Restaurant

rincon-tipico antigua guatemala

Quick Stats

  • PRICE: avg cost of meal $4 19% 19%
  • AMBIANCE 60% 60%
  • FOOD 88% 88%

Must-Try Dish: Roasted Chicken

If you are looking for traditional Guatemalan food in Antigua, Guatemala, then Rincon Tipico is the place to find it. Try this place for either breakfast, lunch, or both. The main reason people visit Rincon Tipico is for the roasted chicken, which is juicy, flavorful, and cheap. I rarely finish my plate of food, so I always make sure to bring Tupperware so that I can have a snack later.

Although Rincon Tipico lists different menu options, they usually don’t have other meats available, but chicken is always on the menu. The chicken comes with potatoes, a side salad, and juice. Rincon Tipico offers the best value since you get a lot of food for less than $4. 

Eating at Rincon Tipico multiple times can get old quick, though, since it’s always the same meal.

What perks make Rincon Tipico one of the best places to eat in Antigua, Guatemala? 

  • Huge portions
  • Meal costs less than $4
  • Best tortillas in Antigua, Guatemala
  • Guatemalan food

 DOÑA LUISA Best Breakfast

Antigua, Guatemala since 1978

best breakfast antigua guatemala

Quick Stats

  • PRICE: avg cost of meal $3 13% 13%
  • AMBIANCE 70% 70%
  • FOOD 84% 84%

Must-Try Dish: Ranchero Eggs

Best Breakfast Antigua Guatemala

Looking for the best breakfast in Antigua, Guatemala? Doña Lupita is always my recommendation to any tourist looking for a traditional Guatemalan breakfast. You can’t beat the tremendous value since the food is good and very cheap. You can have breakfast for <$3. Their menu is not fancy but it includes favorites like eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns, and more.

Dona Luisa is also known for their baked goods. Whenever I sit down to eat breakfast, I can always smell goodness coming from the bakery, yet I still have not tried a baked treat. (I prefer savory over sweet). People highly review the banana bread, though!

What perks make Doña Luisa one of the best Antigua, Guatemala restaurants? 

  • Cheap – breakfast for <$3
  • Fresh juices
  • Fresh baked goods
  • Local vibe – the building was constructed in the 1600s, making it a historic place in Antigua


Quick & Cheap Mexican Food

dona lupita antigua guatemala

Quick Stats

  • PRICE: avg cost of meal $3 13% 13%
  • AMBIANCE 5% 5%
  • FOOD 85% 85%

Must-Try Dish: Anything! It’s all cheap and good

When I am too lazy to cook, my go-to spot is Dona Lupita because the food hits my three main requirements: cheap,  delicious, and quick. The menu is small, and you can’t go wrong with what you order. You pick your style: taco, quesadilla, or burrito, then select your meat and add your fillings. Be careful which hot sauce you use, because one is extremely spicy. I love a good spice, and don’t mind if my nose starts to run or I sweat a bit, but this is your fair warning!

This taqueria is great for dining in if you want to be tempted to order a second round of food, or take-away if you are in a rush. Can you beat the value of 3 tacos  $3?

What perks make Doña Luisa one of the best restaurants in Antigua, Guatemala? 

  • Cheap and good- lunch for <$3.5
  • Quick service
  • Good for take-away

Bonus Section!!

Best Bars in Antigua, Guatemala

Now that you know the best Antigua Guatemala restaurants, it’s time to learn where to be social after a nice meal. Antigua offers a lot of quality bars. I’ve included this bonus section of my favorite bars. This list is short and sweet and highlights the best bars in Antigua, Guatemala. 

 CAFÉ NO SÉ Best Overall Bar

“Soup of the day: Mezcal”

cafe no se antigua guatemala

Cafe No Se is the perfect spot for a date, to hang out with friends, or to bring your parents. Find your way to the mezcal bar, which is tucked away in a corner. There’s nothing better than sipping on mezcal, in dim light, chatting with the friendly bartenders. I instantly feel cool when I am in Cafe No Se because it provides a comfortable and hip vibe. 

What perks make Café No Sé one of the best bars in Antigua, Guatemala? 

  • Live music in the front
  • Friendly and knowledgable bartenders
  • It’s all about the Mezcal

Craft Breweries in Antigua

Visit all three breweries!

best bar antigua guatemala

Picture of Cerveceria 14

In recent years, Antigua has birthed several craft beer breweries. All the breweries have great bars, so I’ve grouped them all together. The three breweries are:

1. Antigua Brewing Company  – There’s a rooftop bar where you can see the volcanoes. Order a flight so that you can try the various beers. There’s also a speakeasy cocktail lounge on the first floor of the brewery.

2. Antigua Cerveza: Cerveteca –  Started in 2012 and is known for brewing fresh, true craft beer.

3. Cerveceria 14 – This brewery is on the outskirts of Antigua, but is worth the trip. This brewery brings Brooklyn, NY vibes to Guatemala, with open green space, and a stage for any concerts. The food here is also excellent, and is a contender as one of the best restaurants in Antigua. .

If I’m not drinking at Café No Sé, then you can find me drinking a craft beer at one of these places.

  Best Restaurants In Antigua, Guatemala Conclusion

With many places to visit in Antigua, Guatemala, I hope this list can help narrow down which restaurants to visit first. I curated this list after spending an accumulated 3 months in Antigua. I know these restaurants consistently have quality food, and that they are worth the dollar amount spent.

To read a personal blog post about my first impressions of Guatemala, after I first visited in 2015, click here.

Now that you have gone through the “Antigua Guatemala Best Restaurants” list, which restaurant do you want to visit the most? Leave a comment below! 

Or let me know if you agree or disagree with my choices.

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