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A Day Visiting Semuc Champey

My current setting – rocking back and forth on a hammock, disconnected from the outside world, listening to rain pouring down. I just finished a fun filled day at Semuc Champey in Guatemala. I arrived at El Muro hostel in Lanquin after an 8 hour bus ride from Antigua....

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A Day in the Life of An Expat Studying Spanish in Antigua

I am so happy I decided to come to Guatemala! The past two weeks have been a nice change of pace from my time in Europe. One of the goals of my RTW trip is to learn Spanish. I decided to start my Central/South America adventures by taking Spanish classes at The...

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Reflecting on 3 Months in Europe

I just finished traveling across Europe for 3 months. When I booked this trip last March I made a plan that I didn’t follow: If you look at my itinerary you might be confused that I went around in circles and my route looks very inefficient. Although I probably...

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Bilbao, Spain – The Silicon Valley of Food

One of my favorite things to spend money on while traveling is food! At the end of July I was in Madrid and had a great culinary journey. I love trying new foods, so Madrid was perfect with tapas all over. Later in the summer I met a Spanish guy in Croatia who told me...

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Relaxing in Oslo, Norway

If I meet you and you casually give me an open invitation to visit you in your home country I'm one of those people who will accept the invite and show up on your front door.  One of my friends, Karoline, experienced this first hand. Back in NYC she told me I had to...

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Corrida – Witnessing a Spanish Bullfight

  I haven’t updated my blog in awhile, since I was sailing on a boat for the past month! Now that I’m back to a more civilized life I will be updating more often. First topic to restart the blog is the Corrida! During San Fermin I did not end up attending the...

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Summary of San Fermin Experience

Hello All! I have been without wifi for a week, but now I have time to make a second post about the San Fermin festival. Should I run? The main highlight of San Fermin is actually running 800 meters with 6 ginormous bulls. Before doing any research, I assumed I would...

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Guide to San Fermin Festival – Opening Day

I survived Running of the Bulls. Okay, maybe I didn't actually run with the bulls, but being a part of San Fermin requires stamina, so I'd still like to say I survived the 4 days I was there. I highly recommend everyone to attend Opening Day of San Fermin, since it is...

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Best Place to Stay in Croatia!

While I was in Split, Croatia learning all the necessary skills to become a successful hostess for The Yacht Week, I had the pleasure of meeting and eventually staying with the best host ever! I’d like to introduce everyone to Pero: A good friend of mine stayed with...

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