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Must-Have Travel Gear

I am a long term traveler that only likes to pack a carry-on. As a minimalist, all these items are on my packing list because they are essential and make globetrotting easier.

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Products That Save You Money

grayl geopress

GRAYL Water Purifier


Why I Love It: You can drink tap water everywhere since it filters out water-borne viruses and bacteria. GRAYL is the best water purifier on the market, so although it is pricey, it provides excellent value and saves money in the long run.

Click to read my full review of the GRAYL, which includes a cost-value analysis.

bose headphones

Scrubba Washbag


Why I love it: This portable washbag allows me to wash clothes while on the road. It’s compact and easily fits in my Osprey backpack (It’s about the size of my fist). I’ve used the Scrubba in hostels, on boats, on road trips. It’s convenient and saves me money!

Use the Code: KESI10 to get 10% off!

bose headphones

Osprey Fairview Wheeled Backpack


Why I Love It: A hybrid backpack saves money because it encourages you to walk instead of taking an Uber or Taxi. A backpack with wheels provides the ultimate flexibility. If you are walking a long distance, you can roll the bag, or if there are cobblestone streets, you can wear it as a backpack. Also, this backpack is carry-on so that you can avoid checked luggage fees.

For a complete guide on the pros and cons of a wheeled backpack, click here.

Versatile Travel Gear

I love all of these items because they are:

  1. Versatile:  As a long-term traveler, it’s essential to have clothes with multiple purposes.
  2. Small Businesses Owned by Women – Buy directly from their sites to support small women-led businesses.
waypoint travel scarf

Waypoint Travel Scarf


Why I Love It: There is a secret pocket where you can hide money, phones, passports, heck – you can even fit a DJ Mavic Mini drone in the Waypoint Travel Scarf!

I love versatile products and highly recommend having a travel scarf. Also, if you fly on budget airlines, this scarf is practical since it provides extra packing space.

Use the Code: FollowTheFro to get 10% off!

bose headphones

Adventure Dress


Why I Love It: This dress was specifically built for travelers. It’s lightweight, wrinkle-free, quick-dry. There are open sleeves to prevent odor from sweating. It’s stylish, and you can wear it multiple ways.

Use the Code: KesiToAndFro to get 20% off!

bose headphones

Soulvation Society Hair-Ties


The owner of Soulvation Society is a total badass. She started making herself versatile headbands in college and now created her own business. Her hair ties and headbands are incredibly comfortable and stylish. Get these hair ties that also double as bracelets!



Google Pixel + Google Fi Phone Plan

I bought the Pixel because it had the best ratings for a phone camera, and I love the camera.

The second benefit is the Google Fi phone plan that provides unlimited international data, unlimited international texts, free WiFi calls to US numbers, and free calls to international numbers while I’m in the US for ~$70 a month! This phone plan is more expensive than collecting local sim cards, yet the convenience of being connected right when I land in a new country is worth it. Also, the data has fantastic international coverage (better than the T-Mobile international plan). I even had service on top of the Nyiragongo volcano in the Democratic Republic of Congo!


Join Google Fi and get $20 off your first bill.

bose headphones

Sony A6000

If you want a step-up from a smartphone, then the Sony A6000 is a great beginner camera. It’s affordable and takes high-quality photos. It’s a mirrorless camera and does not take up as much space as a DSLR. This is the perfect starter camera if you are looking to up your photography game without spending 1000s.

bose headphones

Bose Wireless Headphones

I recently purchased these headphones and they are a game changer! Previously, I would only use free headphones that I received on flights, but owning high-quality headphones makes a big difference.



A kindle is practical because it allows me to bring several books on a trip without taking up valuable packing space. Also, the battery life lasts long.

Note: Sign-up for a library subscription in your state so you can rent free e-books.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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