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How I’ve Made $1000s While Traveling the World

Make Money Traveling | Read Time: 15 minutes

Grabr Review – Table of Contents

What Is Grabr? | How Does Grabr Work? | Why I Love Grabr | How Much Money Can You Make | Safety | COVID

Grabr, Grabr, Grabr. I say it three times because it is one of my favorite travel apps!

Grabr is the perfect app because it has allowed me to make thousands of dollars while also traveling to amazing cities like Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, and Sao Paulo. 

Grabr is one of my secret side hustles, but I’m finally revealing my full Grabr Review:

How I Use Grabr to Make Money While Traveling

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission, at no extra cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. Please see my full disclosure for further information.

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What is Grabr?

Grabr is a global marketplace that connects travelers with shoppers.

Simply put, travelers get paid to deliver items to shoppers in another country. 

As a Grabr Traveler, you can: 

  • Make Money Traveling (up to $500+ per trip)
  • Extend your Global Community Abroad 
  • Help Others Along Your Travel Route

As a Grabr Shopper, you can: 

  • Get items that are widely unavailable or expensive in your home country
  • Get unique goods from anywhere in the world, at any time
  • Connect with Travelers coming to visit your home

What is a Grab?

  • A grab is a word used to describe the item(s) that the traveler will deliver to the shopper.

Grabr Review: My Personal Love Story with Grabr 

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Me with a Grabr shopper in Buenos Aires

I was introduced to Grabr at the perfect time in my life in November 2016. I had just finished traveling worldwide for one year and returned to NYC with no plan.

Grabr, a new start-up founded in 2015, was still in the early stages of developing. They had many shoppers in Argentina and Brazil requesting items (mostly from Amazon.com), but not enough travelers to bring them.

Well, I had no job and a lot of time, so I joined the Grabr Travel Squad, and started delivering items.

Pause. “But, Kesi, isn’t that sketchy to bring down random items? Is Grabr legit?” Grabr is a reputable company. The founders even made Forbes 30 Under 30. (To skip to the section where I share why Grabr is entirely safe to use, click here).

Since 2016 I have taken countless trips with Grabr, so I know the app in and out. Although there is no longer a Travel Squad, I still use Grabr as a traveler, and it is one of my favorite ways to make money while traveling.


Grabr – How Does It Work?


Grabr is completely user-friendly & has a great interface. To provide a complete Grabr Review, I’ll explain how to use the app in 8 steps.

Step 1: Create a Trip 


First, you need to choose a destination. It’s best to choose a city where there are many shoppers because you can bring more items and make more money.

grabr review
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My most profitable trips have been to Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, and Rio, but I have delivered grabs from the US to Sweden, Kenya, Thailand, and Hungary.

Travel Tip: I always check the Grabr app before I travel to an international destination,

to see if I can make some quick cash delivering items.

Are you interested in visiting Sao Paulo – the city with the most Grabr shoppers – but don’t know what to do there?

Below, you can find some fun activities in Sao Paulo – so you can make money while exploring a new city.


Step 2: Find Items to Deliver

See what items people are ordering on Grabr.

Here’s an example of a Shopper’s Grab Request:

Grabr Review
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  • Kesi To and Fro
  • Kesi To and Fro
  • Kesi To and Fro

Shoppers create a “Grab request” (aka an order) and provide the link where the traveler can purchase the item. As a traveler, before making an offer, make sure:

  1. You can fit the item in your suitcase! (I brought down an air fryer that was way bigger than expected and not worth the effort).
  2. Check that the price listed in the grab request is the same as the one in the purchase link.

If everything aligns, then it’s time to make an offer.  

If you chose a top travel destination, then there should be a lot of different requested items.


TIP: Look For Instant Match Grabs

“Instant match grabs” are items already paid for by shoppers with a set delivery fee. It’s easier for travelers since you only have to click “start delivery,” and the grab request is automatically added to your trip. There is no need to make offers, negotiate, wait for a response, etc. If you select an instant match grab, then skip to step 5.

grabr instant match
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  • Kesi To and Fro

Step 3: Make a Delivery Offer

“How much do I want to be paid to bring this item on my trip?”

After checking the details of the Grab request, it’s time to make delivery offers.



Here are all the tips I’ve learned from over 15+ Grabr trips.

  • Never have a delivery offer <$10, because it’s not worth the time and effort.
  • Charge between 10-15% of the total price of the item.
  • Charge a higher delivery fee for large or heavy items. They take up a lot of space in a suitcase.
  • Double-check if there are any shipping costs and include the cost in the delivery offer.
  • Start making offers between 2 weeks to 1 month before your trip, so items can be shipped in time.
  • Sign up for Amazon Prime so that you can make last-minute delivery offers.
  • Be Patient! Not all shoppers will respond to your offers, so it’s important to make multiple offers to different shoppers.
  • Check the country’s customs limits to comply with the rules and include any applicable taxes. 
  • Don’t bring more than two phones. Smartphones are small and have high traveler rewards, so it could be tempting to bring 2+ phones. Bringing one phone is among most countries’ customs allowance, but two phones are not recommended.

Tips to navigate customs: Don’t bring a lot of electronics. If the airport scans luggage, then having a lot of electronics will get you flagged by customs. I have been stopped in Buenos Aires before, and it’s not fun. So be safe and bring only one main electronic (like a phone or laptop) and the rest non-electronics. Grabr provides information about all customs rules and regulations of the country you are going to when you are making an offer and you also can find it in their FAQ. I recommend studying it before traveling.

Step 4: Send a Message to the Shopper

I always send a custom message to my shopper to confirm all details. When I send the delivery offer I make sure to include:

  1. Pick-up time: I suggest choosing 2 two-hour windows for delivery. You want to provide enough flexibility to the shoppers, but you also want to make sure you have time to enjoy your vacation and explore. You can discuss the pick-up times in a later message, but the more information you provide upfront, the less time you waste messaging shoppers back and forth.
  2. Pick-up Location: Grabr recommends meeting with shoppers at a public place. I provide the hotel name and address where I’m staying because I want all shoppers to meet me at my hotel. Including the location in the initial message makes it easier for shoppers because they can figure out if the hotel is situated in a convenient location.
  3. Request to pack items without a box. I always request to pack items without the box, because it saves packing space and weight. I make this request clear in the message so the shopper can confirm.

Here is an example of a message I send with the delivery offer

  • Kesi To and Fro
  • Kesi To and Fro
  • Kesi To and Fro
  • Kesi To and Fro


Step 5: If Delivery is Accepted – then Purchase the Item(s)

A shopper must use their credit card and pay through Grabr to accept your delivery offer. Grabr holds shoppers’ money until you deliver the items, guaranteeing the safety of funds.

Once a delivery offer is accepted, the traveler is responsible for purchasing the item, so you are in full control of what you are packing and delivering. Once you purchase the grab, make sure to go back to the app and update the status.

  • Kesi To and Fro
  • Kesi To and Fro
  • Kesi To and Fro
  • Kesi To and Fro

Here are a couple of strategies to help maximize profits for purchasing items on Grabr:

  1. Sign up for cash-back sites: Google Chrome plug-ins like Rakuten, Honey, and Capital One can automatically apply coupons and savings when buying items from certain stores.
  2. Sign up for Amazon Prime Credit Card: Many grab requests are items listed on Amazon. With the Amazon Prime credit card, you get back 5% back on every purchase.
  3. Sign Up for an American Express Business Platinum Card: This card has a $400 Dell credit. I never need to use the credit personally, so it’s great that I can always find a Grabr shopper who wants a product from Dell [Tip – look at major cities like Sao Paulo or Buenos Aires]. Also, take advantage of Amex Offers, which offer up to 25% discounts from certain stores like Dell, Clinique, etc.

Sign-Up For Rakuten

An easy way to make more money on a Grabr trip.
What is Rakuten? Get cashback on purchases made from 2500+ online stores.
Stores include: Apple, eBay, Kate Spade, Target, Dell

Want to earn a quick $30? Then click the button below.


Earn $30



Step 6: Coordinate With Your Shoppers When to Meet

Right before your trip, send a message to all your shoppers. Remind them of the pick-up dates and times. Get them to confirm the time they are coming. I recommend to organize as much as possible beforehand, so you can be efficient with the deliveries and maximize your time to explore.

Step 7: Travel and Deliver the Grab

Grabr holds onto the shopper’s money until the grab is delivered. Once you give the item to a shopper, make sure the shopper confirms the delivery in the app. Here’s a shopper wearing a jacket I delivered from the USA. He’s smiling because he likes his new motorcycle jacket, and I’m smiling because I made $70 delivering this item.

  • Kesi To and Fro
  • Kesi To and Fro
  • Kesi To and Fro
  • Kesi To and Fro

Step 8: Get Paid

After the shopper confirms that they received the item, Grabr will process your payout. It usually takes between 10-15 days to receive your payout. Here’s a screenshot from a recent trip, where I made $585.

  • Kesi To and Fro
  • Kesi To and Fro
  • Kesi To and Fro
  • Kesi To and Fro


Why I Love Grabr:

  • I Make Money!
  • Collecting Airline Miles. I can easily cover my flights’ costs by bringing grabs on a trip to Argentina or Brazil. Airline miles are a currency, so it’s beneficial to have a free flight and earn all the miles.
  • Manufacture Card Spend. The traveler is responsible for purchasing all the items, so it’s a great way to spend more on your credit card and get more points.
  • Seeing what quirky items people like to buy. The funniest grab I delivered was 5 sex toys. When I met the shopper, he was this skinny, nerd-looking guy, and I asked him why he needed all of these toys. He responded that he and his girlfriend are into kinky stuff, and these items are hard to find. It was pretty funny, and I appreciated his honesty.
  • Connecting with the Locals. Whenever I go on a Grabr trip, I am solo, but Grabr is also an excellent way to make a new acquaintance. I have met up with many shoppers for dinners, a walk in the park, or a drink. And if no shoppers have time to hang out with me, I can still ask them for recommendations on what to do in the city. It’s always best to have a local’s opinion! One of my favorite memories was when a shopper cooked me home-made ravioli – pictured below!
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  • Kesi To and Fro

How Much Money Can You Make?

As a first time traveler you can make around $300+ on a trip to a top destination. For your first trip, I wouldn’t try to bring too many items because it’s good to test out the Grabr process.

Since I am a seasoned traveler, I make at least $500+ on a trip. If I bring one carry on with grabs, I will make around $500. If I am filling up a checked bag with grabs, I can make around $1000.


Here is an example of Grabr items I brought in 2 checked suitcases.

  • Kesi To and Fro
  • Kesi To and Fro
  • Kesi To and Fro
  • Kesi To and Fro

The more grabs you bring, the more money you will make! But remember my tip – and try not to bring too many electronics!

On my most recent trip to Sao Paulo, I made enough money to cover my flights and accommodation plus had an additional $500. Typically I would use the extra money for activities in the city, but I was traveling during COVID, so I saved the profits.


Is Grabr Safe to Use?


Grabr is safe to use because:

  • The traveler is in control: The traveler is 100% responsible for purchasing the items and knows exactly what they are packing
  • Guaranteed payout: Shoppers pay Grabr when they accept the traveler’s delivery offer. Grabr holds onto these funds until the item is delivered.
  • Rating system: Shoppers and travelers have ratings, which encourages everyone to communicate effectively to maintain a high rating.
  • Every shopper I met has been hospitable!
  • Grabr recommends meeting in public locations: like in crowded outdoor areas, a cafe, or the lobby of a hotel

Grabr Review: Traveling During COVID


I unluckily had a Grabr trip to Sao Paulo planned in March 2020. I purchased all the Grabs, and then COVID came crashing in like a wrecking ball. My flights and trip were cancelled.

I spent all this money on grabs, and I couldn’t deliver them! 

My shoppers already paid Grabr, and I felt bad that I had no way of getting them their items. 

Grabr was completely understanding of the COVID-19 restrictions and allowed late deliveries without a penalty. 

Once Brazil re-opened its borders in August, I finally made a trip to Sao Paulo. All the shoppers wholly understood and had positive attitudes when I gave them their grabs 6 months late. I was surprised by how nice everyone was about the situation!

Brazil is a hot-spot for COVID, so I did not want to spend any time exploring. Instead, this trip’s benefit was collecting airline miles and getting help to hit the minimum spend for a new credit card bonus (aka – more airline miles). I wore a mask and washed my hands after I handed over each grab to a shopper. 

Look at this video, which shows me using Grabr in action on my most recent trip to Sao Paulo during COVID-19. 

I hope you enjoyed this grabr.io review!


“This post was produced in partnership with Grabr, but all opinions and firsthand experiences as a Grabr Traveler are my own. This is an honest Grabr review.”

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grabr review
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Top Travel Destinations

These are the cities with the highest number of shoppers and items to deliver. You can make more money traveling to these cities.

– Buenos Aires, Cordoba – Argentina

– Sao Paulo, Rio, Belo Horizonte, Brasilia – Brazil

– Montevideo, Uruguay | LimaPeruMoscow, Russia

Travel Must-Haves

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  • Jetradar.com - to find cheap flights
  • Booking.com - to book various types of accommodation including hostels, hotels & guesthouses

For a more in-depth review of these recommended products/apps then visit here.



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