GRAYL Geopress Review

Is the GRAYL Geopress the Best Filtered Water Bottle in 2021?

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GRAYL Geopress Review – Table of Contents

Quick Facts | Features Ranked | Filter vs Purifier | Benefits of Purifiers | How Does the GRAYL Geopress filter work? | Competitor Comparison | Pros & Cons | FAQ

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Want an honest GRAYL geopress review? In this article, I walk you through my honest opinion on the GRAYL water purifier and give you a final verdict if it’s worth the price. 

When I first ventured off on my one year around the world trip, one of the necessary items I packed was a filtered water bottle. I did not do much research, but I bought a Lifestraw and was very happy with it. 

Recently, I was introduced to the Grayl bottles. I was curious about the major differences between Grayl vs Lifestraw since the Grayl was priced at a premium.  I decided to test out the Grayl geopress purifier on my one month trip to Uganda to see if it’s a product I would recommend to others. 

Grayl Geopress Review

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GRAYL Geopress Review – Quick Facts

Before diving into all the details, here is a snapshot of the GRAYL geopress 24 oz water purifier:

  • Capacity: 24 ounces
  • Weight: 15.9 oz
  • Lifespan: 350 uses
  • Removes: ALL waterborne pathogens
  • Filters and Cleans: Chemicals, heavy metals and sediments
  • Improves: Taste and clarity
    • Safely drink from hotel sinks, murky rivers, lakes and more
    • Purified water in 8 seconds
    • 10-year warranty

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GRAYL Geopress Water Purifier Bottle – Features Ranked

The charts below show my ranking of different features for the GRAYL Geopress. One of my favorite things about the GRAYL is that it was built to last. I’m not afraid to throw this bottle around. You can find more details on each of the elements below later in this post.


100 %

Water Quality

100 %


92 %


75 %

East Of Use

75 %

Benefits of Using a GRAYL Geopress Water Purifier

Now let’s go into more detail for this GRAYL geopress review.

First up – what’s the point of buying a GRAYL instead of buying water while traveling?

1. It Saves Money!

One of my pet peeves is having to pay for water. It’s the privileged American in me that expects free and accessible water wherever I go. The GRAYL water purifier makes sure I never have to pay for water while traveling. Every water source is drinkable with GRAYL. Although the bottle is expensive, it’s a smart investment. 

2. It Saves The Environment!

Not only does purchasing a GRAYL water purifier bottle save financial costs, but also it saves environmental costs. Single-use plastics are a contributor to the global plastic pollution problem. Help reduce waste by purchasing a GRAYL and eliminate the need to buy plastic water bottles while traveling.

If you are an analytics geek like me and want to look at the return on investment (ROI) purchasing a GRAYL purifier, take a look at the infographic below. The Geopress purifier by GRAYL saves $540 and reduces plastic waste versus buying water on the road. After breaking down the math, it seems like a no brainer to invest in a filtered water bottle.

grayl water filters
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Every savvy traveler should own a GRAYL Geopress!

Filter vs Water Purifier

As mentioned, when I first purchased a water bottle for my around the world trip, I didn’t do much research. All I knew is that I did not want to pay for water while traveling.

It’s important to note that GRAYL is called a “GRAYL Geopress Water Purifier Bottle” and not a “GRAYL Water Filter.” Most people don’t realize there’s a difference between a filter and a purifier – I know I didn’t!

What is a filter?

A filter removes parasites and bacteria. Most common camping filters use size exclusion to remove pathogens from water, but tiny viruses can still slip through. Lifestraw is an example of a filter.

So, what is a purifier?

A purifier has a higher level of defense. In addition to filtering out sediment, parasites, and bacteria, a purifier also protects against waterborne viruses, the smallest, most difficult type of pathogen to remove from water. GRAYL is an example of a purifier.

Waterborne viruses must be purified in regions where viruses are endemic or in areas of poor sanitation.  The map below is a graphic GRAYL created based on info from the World Health Organization. If you are traveling amongst North America, Europe and Australia, then it’s not necessary to have a purifier.

grayl water bottle review
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GRAYL Geopress Review – But How Does It Work?

The GRAYL water purifier bottle is like magic because it can turn mucky, yellow water into clear and drinkable water.

How does the GRAYL geopress work?

In 3 words – Fill. Press. Drink.

But let’s go into more detail and describe exactly how it works.

First, the GRAYL water purifier bottle is made of 4 different parts:

Second, it’s important to follow the instructions to use the GRAYL properly. The steps below outline how to use the GRAYL and also provide extra tips I’ve learned from my experience.

  • Step 1: Attach the purifier cartridge and cap to the inner container [You only have to do this once]
  • Step 2: FILL the outer container with water up until the line marked on the bottle.
  • Step 3: Find a low surface, like the ground, so that you can use your whole body weight while you PRESS.
  • Step 4: Open the spout cap, so air can escape and push the inner container into the outer container. Note: Make sure to use the soft press non-slip pads on the top when pushing down. They are there for a reason and will make your life much easier.
  • Step 5: DRINK and enjoy your clean and tasty water. 

Note: If it becomes too hard to push down and takes more than 25 seconds, you need a GRAYL filter replacement (These costs around $30)

How is GRAYL Different From Competitors?

The GRAYL geopress is the best consumer purifier bottle on the market. The GRAYL water bottle stands out for its:

  • Water Quality
  • Durability
  • Design
GRAYL Geopress vs Lifestraw

I have used both GRAYL and Lifestraw throughout my travels and they are both great options. As a long-term traveler I would recommend either of these, although the GRAYL is my preferred option. Here are the key differences I’ve noted.

  • GRAYL protects against waterborne virus, unlike Lifestraw
  • GRAYL does not leak. Both Lifestraws I owned would leak from the top, so I always had to keep the bottle upright so it wouldn’t spill onto my items. The geopress GRAYL is leakage-free, which makes me happy.
  • No wasted uses – If you are in a country with drinkable tap water, you can use the GRAYL like a regular water bottle without using the filter. There is no need to waste one of the uses on clean water.
  • You can chug! When I used a lifestraw, I could only take sips of water through the straw. A GRAYL allows me to chug water, which is beneficial on a strenuous hike. 
  • Lifestraw is more convenient to use. The GRAYL requires effort (by pushing down) to purify the water, whereas Lifestraw instantly filters.



Why a GRAYL Geopress is the best

Design Aesthetics

The GRAYL is beautifully designed. Not only is the bottle stylish, but there are little details that make a big difference. The bottle is comfortable to carry, pour, and it’s easy to drink from without dribbling. The cap also shows where to place your palms to push down on the container to purify the water. They also designed the GRAYL to eliminate cross contamination.


One of the issues with my Lifestraw is that pieces would break here or there. I can’t imagine anything breaking on the GRAYL. I attach my GRAYL to the outside of my backpack, which gets thrown around, and the GRAYL is unphased. This bottle was built for adventures and built to last.

High Water Quality

The GRAYL uses a purifier, which is the best protection against waterborne viruses. The GRAYL can turn dirty water into clear and tasty water.


How the GRAYL Geopress could improve

Ease of Use

It took me some time to learn how to use a GRAYL properly. When I first started, I kept spraying myself with water or had a hard time pushing it down. I did not read any instructions before trying to use it, and it was not as intuitive as I thought.

Solution: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! Make sure you read the instructions. You must make sure your filter is turned completely until you feel a click in. Also make sure the inner bottle is centered when pushing down. If you run into any issues, customer support is great and responsive.


The GRAYL is expensive.

Solution: The return on investment is well worth it. Although the GRAYL is $90, you save money in the long run by not purchasing water while traveling.


The GRAYL 24 oz geopress is on the larger side, so it doesn’t fit in all backpack pockets.

Solution: You can clip it on to your backpack if it doesn’t fit inside. Or you can purchase the smaller option, the GRAYL Ultralight.

GRAYL Geopress Review – Final Thoughts

Do I recommend the GRAYL geopress for long term travelers? Yes!

As a long term traveler, I’m often traveling internationally, visiting developing countries with questionable tap water. The GRAYL is the best option for water quality abroad since it is a purifier and removes viruses.

If you are hiking in North America or filtering tap water while traveling through Australia or European countries, then a cheaper water filter, like Lifestraw, is suitable because you probably don’t need virus removal to be safe.

Nonetheless, I will continue to travel with my GRAYL bottle in the future instead of Lifestraw. I prefer the GRAYL since it does not leak, it’s extremely durable, aesthetically pleasing, and provides the highest water quality even from untrustworthy sources.

Whether you choose to travel with a GRAYL or an alternative water bottle, at the end of the day, as long as travelers are mindful and buying fewer single-use water bottles, that is a win.

The GRAYL is the best water purifier bottle for travel!


Q: Can you drink pool water?

A: Yes it is possible, but not recommended. GRAYL’s Purification system is designed specifically to be effective against many (but not all) chemicals that may be in your pool water.

Q: Can you use the GRAYL geopress with salt walter?

A: No, it’s for fresh water only.

Q: How do you clean the bottles?

A: Separate the replaceable cartridge from everything else. Air-dry the cartridge for 72-96 hours until completely dry. All the other parts should be washed with soap and water. Easy!

I hope you enjoyed this GRAYL water filter review!

“This post was produced in partnership with GRAYL, but all opinions are my own. This is an honest GRAYL geopress review.”

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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