How To Travel Long Term

Tips & Tricks to Sustain Long term Travel

I quit my corporate finance job in NYC and traveled continuously for 5+ years. I did not live the most glamorous life, but I lived an interesting one with lots of adventure. 

People always asked, “Kesi, how have you been able to travel for so long?”

No – I am not a travel influencer. 

No – my parents are not financing me, nor is a sugar daddy (But P.S – if you want to be my sugar daddy, apply here).

The secret to long term travel is learning how to budget (at least my degree in finance is good for one thing – knowing how to budget!), being flexible in terms of comfort and schedule (of course – I would love to take a 17-hour bus ride with no leg room), and finding side hustles along the way. 


Tips to Save Money
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