Departure Day

Departure Day

As I am sitting here at the Munich airport, waiting for my connecting flight to Croatia, I have time to reflect on my last days in NYC. I am filled with a whirlwind of emotions that weren’t expected. My friends and family have shown undying love and support.  Even though the weather was not in my favor on my last day in NYC (wet and dreary),  I had the best send-off surrounded by friends from all walks of life ranging from girls I’ve known since 3rd grade to random strangers – turned friends – I met on the street. Yesterday there were lots of laughs, some dance moves, shots, sprinting through the rain, and ended in uncontrollable tears.


I did not realize how hard it would be to say goodbye. I’ve been excited for this trip for so long, but the reality just hit that when I gave hugs goodbye, I would not see these people in a year. One year. Whoa. I’m leaving friends and family I care deeply about and won’t see for …. one year. I cried myself to sleep, I cried the whole uber ride to the airport (which was slightly awkward since it was an uberPool), I cried walking through airport security, and I even cried when I first sat down on the plane. But literally, once the plane finally took off, the tears stopped and I could only smile. Hearing the plane engine race down the track and finally lifting into the air signified the official beginning of my trip and reminds me that I am getting ready to go on an adventure I’ve been dreaming about. I’m ready!


P.S – For those curious, here is everything I packed in my bag! The first picture is all my items laid out, and the second picture consolidates all the items into organized bags. (Yes, that is a hat with a beer bottle opener)




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