A Day Visiting Semuc Champey

A Day Visiting Semuc Champey

My current setting – rocking back and forth on a hammock, disconnected from the outside world, listening to rain pouring down. I just finished a fun filled day at Semuc Champey in Guatemala. I arrived at El Muro hostel in Lanquin after an 8 hour bus ride from Antigua. When I got to my hostel I was greeted by a free welcome shot. Soon after I realized there were only two other people staying at El Muro, but we ended up having a fun night with jenga, cuba libres, and laughs. Usually El Muro is a party hostel, but I was definitely a fan of this laid-back vibe.



Why Visit Semuc Champey?

Semuc Champey is a natural monument famed for its limestone bridge and turquoise pools. Although Semuc Champey is in the middle of nowhere Guatemala, it’s worth visiting. I decided to book a tour, which included caving, tubing, and entrance into the pools.

  1. Caving

Caving in Semuc Champey

We started the day with caving. Although slightly unsafe, it was a fun, little adventure to explore a dark cave . We each took a candle and then walked, swam, jumped, and climbed our way through. I left the cave with a couple of scrapes from slamming my knees into rocks, but I would totally do it again.

2. Lunch

Lunch at semuc champey

After caving we went tubing and then had lunch. For lunch there was a cheap buffet ($3-$4) cooked by some locals, which was quite yummy. There is also a family that will sell you cheap beer ($2)

3. Semuc Champey

We ended the day exploring the pools. First we hiked up to the viewpoint, and then we relaxed for an hour or two in the pools. Semuc Champey is relaxing and has beautiful scenery. As a solo traveler I would recommend going with a tour, so that you have friends to explore for the day. Also going to Semuc Champey during off season is great, because there was no one else at the pools.

Relaxing in Oslo, Norway

Relaxing in Oslo, Norway

If I meet you and you casually give me an open invitation to visit you in your home country I’m one of those people who will accept the invite and show up on your front door.  One of my friends, Karoline, experienced this first hand. Back in NYC she told me I had to come to Norway and after working my first week in Croatia for the Yacht Week and volunteering at a hostel in Madrid, I was ready to come to Oslo to slow things down and relax.

Karoline told me that Norway is the most beautiful country, and I must admit that Norway is definitely one of the most scenic countries I’ve been to. No matter where I was – on a train, in the heart of the city, or walking down a random alley – I wanted to take a picture to capture the beauty. Therefore, my Norway post will consist of all pictures (minus all the words that are above)!


Captured on a train into Oslo



The Opera House had some cool architecture


View from the top of the Opera House



At the oslofjorden


The sun rays beaming through the clouds


Karoline and I heart Norway


Jordan came to visit!


The water was way too cold to go in

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