Best Insurance For Backpackers – The Ultimate Guide

Are you debating whether or not travel insurance is worth it? If you are an avid traveler, then buying the best trip insurance is a must.

Take it from me; I have used travel insurance countless times like:

  • When my phone got stolen while partying on the streets in Rio during Carnival. (Successfully Claimed $500)
  • The one time I decided to check my backpack, but it was delayed in transit and left me with no clothes for a week. (claimed $200)
  • When I suddenly fell ill and spent 7 days at a hospital in Prague. (claimed $1000)
  • I thought I had malaria and spent 1 night in a hospital in Mozambique (one of my favorite countries in Africa, but getting sick there as not fun!)

Although each situation was sucky, my stress was alleviated since I had travel insurance and did not have to carry the financial burden of these unfortunate events.

So how does one decide on the best travel insurance? Backpackers, look no further because you have come to the mecca of best worldwide travel insurance blog posts. After countless hours reading trip insurance reviews from Reddit, FB groups, Tripadvisor, other bloggers, I have created the

Ultimate Guide to Best Insurance for Backpackers

This guide is for you if:

You take several international trips per year OR if you a long-term backpacker that needs to be covered for several months/years.

In this guide:

  • Find travel insurance tips & tricks
  • Find cheap travel insurance for backpackers
  • Compare the best travel insurance plans easily in the comparison chart
  • Backpacker travel insurance reviews of companies like World Nomads, Safety Wing, Arch Right, and more

Let’s dive in and discuss the best insurance for backpackers!

Note: This is a long post – it is the Ultimate Guide, after all. Use the table of contents to jump between different sections quickly.

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