Hello, my name is Kesi! In 2015 I decided to quit my finance job in NYC to travel the world. My plan was to follow the summer for a year. Well a year has passed and now I have…no plan, but I’ve adapted to a nomadic lifestyle and am not quite ready to settle down.  I completed some of my bucketlist items, like skydiving in Australia and Songkran in Thailand. but still have more to check off. Follow my adventures as I continue this journey and see where I go next…

Kesi Irvin

Nomadic Free Spirit, Kesi To and Fro

Who is Kesi To and Fro?


I could sit here and describe myself, but I always like to listen to other people’s opinions. I decided to survey people from different walks of my life to describe me in three words. This includes family and close friends, but also random travelers that I may have only known for one night. Here are the results…

Where I've Been

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